Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Drops & Yogurt Grahams

Anyone else have a sweet tooth as ridiculously large as mine? Doubtful, but I like to think I'm not alone. Well, regardless of how big or small your sweet tooth is, here's a fun alternate to eating yogurt! 

The first is simply by putting drops of yogurt on wax paper, freezing, and putting in a container for yogurt bites. This was vanilla yogurt but you can use any kind! After finishing up these ones I mixed a tablespoon of cocoa in the vanilla yogurt and it gave it a nice chocolate kick! YUM!

I put some in small zip lock baggies but the rest went into a large tupperware container. Both have held up well in the freezer.  

The next frozen treat is similar to an ice cream sandwich. Can be great for you, or for a teething munchkin! Take a graham and break it in half, scoop a yogurt flavor of your choice on top, top with the other graham or leave open and freeze. 

Once frozen you can layer nicely in a tupperware container, although I recommend to separate each layer with some wax paper. Each of these is about 45 calories (depending on how much and what type of yogurt you use).