Monday, March 19, 2012

Sleep Sack

Step 1:  the edges

  • Measure 25 inches down the middle and 24 inches down each side (about 3 inches in from the side. I used a brown paper bag for my pattern template, it was 16 inches across. 
  • Once you have each dot measured, play connect the dots and make a curve
  • To ensure each side is even, fold the bag in half and trim the bottom curve

it should end up looking something like this

Step 2:  the armholes

so initially, I measured a 4 inch arm hole, but didn't feel like this was enough at the end, so I trimmed it down and made it a 5 inch arm hole. To eliminate all this, just measure a five inch angle, draw a line and cut across.

Step 3:  the neck

  • measure in 2 & 1/4 inches from the arm hole cut and make a dot. Do this on each side. This should give you enough room to put your protractor down. Trace the outside of the protractor

it should end up looking something like this

  • Cut out the neck along the line. This makes the front of your sleep sack. 
  • For the back of the sleep sack, take the cut out from the neck and trace the inside of your protractor on it. 
  • angle your lines and cut it out

it should end up looking like this

You now have a reusable sleep sack pattern!

Step 4: Using your pattern

  • Trace the pattern on your fleece, don't trace the neck. Cut out 2
  • Trace the front neck on one of the pieces and the back neck on the other
  • Cut out the neck line on each piece, make sure your fabric is separate!

it should end up like this

Step 5: Sewing

  • using your zig zag stitch, serge the edges that will not be sewn. This is basically the whole top - start at the bottom of one armpit and work your way around the neck to the bottom of the other armpit. Make sure your two pieces of fabric are separate for this step and do this to each piece. 
  • Once this is finished, turn your pieces right sides together, so it looks inside out. 
  • Starting at the bottom of one armpit sew a straight stitch down, around the bottom, and up to the other side ending at the bottom of the other armpit. 
  • Turn right side out

it should look something like this

  • you can choose whatever fasteners you would like...I like to keep things easy so I did some velcro on the shoulders. 

VOILA! A simple cozy sleep sack! 

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