Tuesday, February 14, 2012

S'more cupcakes

To start the week of cupcakes I am going to highlight my favorite of them all. I varied this recipe a few times to see which I liked the best and there were two I really loved. There is just something about a s'more that makes my mouth water and my heart flutter. The result was just as delicious as a s'more, without the camp fire smell, or smoke in the eyes (a fair trade I say!)

S'More Cupcakes -- they will have you askin' for s'more! haha, I just tickle myself with laughter!

  • 1 cup vanilla cake batter
  • Hershey rectangles (when broken apart from bars)
  • Graham cracker sheets
  • Marshmallows

In one variation that I'm not going to post (because it wasn't the best) I ran the hershey's rectangles through the food processor and mixed it into the batter. What I didn't like about it, after having the others, was there was not enough of the chunky chocolate to bite into and enjoy.

Mini version 
  • Break apart graham crackers following perforation and cut each rectangle in half with knife. 
  • Cut marshmallow in half, and roll in graham cracker crumbs.
  • Grease pan
  • Put 1/2 tbsp. of vanilla cake batter on bottom, place graham cracker, followed by hershey's rectangle, and another 1/2 tbsp. of vanilla cake batter on top. 
  • Cook according to cake directions, but the last 7 minutes put marshmallow on top and let it puff up and melt. 
  • If you want the look of a campfire marshmallow you can put it in the broiler for just about a minute (make sure to keep a close eye on it though!) I did not do this with any of mine, but I have done it for other recipes and it turns out tasty! 
Variation 2: Large and in charge!
  • I made the above recipe as a large as well and it turned out great. However, I also cooked the marshmallow inside of a large one using the same technique and then put chocolate icing on top -- HEAVENLY! For the chocolate lovers out there, this was delish, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! 

A little note about the marshamallows: I found that 7 minutes was a good amount of time to put the marshmallow in the oven for. Too long and it completely melts and changes the top of the cupcake; too short and the marshmallow doesn't melt enough.

[if you don't cover the graham with more cake batter, it will rise to the top and not be baked inside the cupcake] 

[this variation I crushed grahams on top]

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