Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ruffled Scarf - under $2!!

I am loving the new fashion scarf trends lately, the only problem is I can't justify spending $12-$15 on one of these things! So off to JoAnn's I went, and thank goodness for that remnants bin! I found quite a few different goodies in that bin, but one was this gorgeous burnt orange cotton. There was just under a yard of it, which cost me $1.80. 

Step 1: cut into 6" wide strips. My fabric was 45" long, the standard length of fabric when you buy it on the roll. 

Step 2: Using the zig zag stitch, attach all 4 pieces together so you have one very, very, very long piece. 5 yards long to be exact. 

 Step 3: I started off pinning the ruffle, but this was too much work, so I ended up just pinching and sewing slowly.

I used a zig zag stitch set on it's longest stitch length. I sewed from top to bottom using this technique, backstitching at the start and finish. 

And ended up with this: 

It looks a bit like a lion's mane in this picture, but after playing around with it for a bit and tying it more loosely I made it look less like a lion's mane and more like a cute accessory!