Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mini Pom Poms

I found a semi tutorial on pinterest this weekend to make these mini pom pom really wasn't that clear (whoever had pinned it hadn't linked the post, just a picture), so I wanted to clarify for anyone else who was interested in making these! 

The initial idea came from some gloves I saw while shopping at Old Navy, but they were for the Illinois State team...I wanted some for the Blackhawk's and decided I could make them!  

Here is a picture of the finished product...not a great picture by any means, but you get the idea! I'm not showing two because at this point I've only finished one. I started the project yesterday and it took longer than anticipated, therefore, I wasn't able to wear them to the game today...but I'm sure there will be more opportunities to wear them in the future!
[finished product]

Yarn (any color you would like)

Step 1: take a piece of string (about 4/5ish inches) and put in between prongs on the fork
Step 2: wrap yarn around fork (I wrapped it about 40 times, but there's no need to count!)
Step 3: pull first piece of string around ball and tie in a tight knot
Step 4: slide off fork, cut on each side of string

Step 5: completed pom pom ball

To attach to gloves: sew onto finger tips of gloves by putting string through the middle of the pom pom ball and wrapping it around. 

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