Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"what are you doing now that you've graduated"

If I had $1.00 for every time I have been asked that since the day I graduated, I don't think I would ever have to work again.

Would you like an answer? It's fairly simple...I am looking for a job. Not only am I looking, but I am applying. I am looking and applying for jobs. No, I'm not just looking for teaching jobs, yes, I have broadened my horizons to other education fields. Yes, I look everyday, yes I stared looking and applying before I graduated as jobs I could apply for became open.

Have you ever seen Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?" performance? I feel like I relive that conversation every day of my life.

I have been out of school for approximately 3 weeks. In that time, schools have been on breaks, which means teachers aren't working, which means I can not get a job. But I have been trying, and I have been applying. I have been networking and applying, and searching and applying. On average I have applied for at least one job a day. I think that's great, and that is what matters. But it's frustrating to wait.

I have had a great support system around me encouraging me during this search and apply process, but it's still exhausting.

I know that the educational field is a tough one to crack into, but I want it, and I am up for the challenge. I've heard time and time again that the likelihood of me finding a job is so minimal that most people are changing fields. I have heard that the likelihood of securing a job once finding it is even more minimal that Universities with education programs are receiving fewer and fewer applicants every year. I know this, I get it, it's tough. But I will work for what I want. I know it may take time, and I know it may not be immediately, but in time, in GOD'S time, it will happen. How can I be so sure? This is my passion, and I believe our passions are intentional, that we are given passions from our Creator to help His plans unfold.

So no matter how many times I hear a hollow and sarcastic remark of "good luck", no matter how many times I am told how hard it will be to get a job, it will happen. Maybe not exactly how I have it planned, but how He has it planned will be better, and knowing that truth, I will patiently wait.


Arashi said...

I'm on the same page. 100% I feel the same exact way. We are not alone. Keep up the hard work!

Lu said...

I know just how you feel. My bf was made redundant a couple of years ago. We decided the best route was for him to get a degree. He finished 2 months ago and has been applying for jobs all over England (not that we really want to move but if we have to, we will). Everytime we see his parents/my parents/some nosy busy body it's always 'got a job yet?' They seem to think jobs just fall out of the sky. Back off people. It takes time to find a job, but like you said, it will happen. So good luck - you will get there!

Erin Finney said...

Thank you for the encouragement, it really is frustrating, but I know the hard work will pay off! It is so nice to know I'm not alone though!

England! Wow! What would he be doing over there?

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I worked as an aide and subbed for four years before finding the job I've had for the last 14 years. It was hard, but I learned so much. I also worked for the public library while I waited.

It is a hard market, this area has always been stacked with talented people who want their own classrooms. Keep working at it, and you will find a way.


My word for the year is prayer, so I will add you to mine.