Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rainbow Jello

In continuing with the jello obsession, today my skills were put to quite the challenge when rainbow jello was requested. 

Yes. Rainbow jello. I LOATHE rainbow jello. It is tedious, and I am impatient. I actually had never made it before...I was going to make it for rainbow week when I was teaching preschool, but when I realized how much work it took I decided that the kids and I would just make the color separate so they could actually do it. Yet the day still came, when rainbow jello was requested. And being the good little suzy homemaker that I am, I said "of course!" and accepted the challenge. And challenging it was!

I started out optimistic  

laying out my color pattern...

and starting the first round.

so far, so good! It didn't all fit in the mini muffin tin, so I pulled out a pie pan and an ice cream cup too so that I could monitor the color blending more easily. 


put in the fridge and wait 30 minutes (per directions of multiple blog posts found online)
and it is ready for the next color!!!

or so I thought....the ice cream cup showed that it was ready for me to pour in the next color, but when I poured it into the pie pan something happened and it split and combined. So, instead of dealing with it, I got frustrated and dumped this out...pathetic, I know, but I just couldn't take it! So I continued on with more ice cream ups and the mini muffin tins. What this taught me was that I needed to give it a little longer, so I gave the other layers 45 minutes and had much more success!

here we go! 

[layer 3] 

I made the jello according to the quick set directions...
  • boil water and mix in the jello pack (be careful when adding the jello in because it will boil over if you add it too quickly)
  • add 6-8 ice cubes and stir until they melt 
  • Also, let the jello then sit to reach room temperature so you don't break the jello that comes out of the fridge and cause the colors to merge together. 

the extra jello from the other layers (after I threw out the pie pan layers) I poured into more ice cream cups...since I ran out of room for the last color I ended 

and I then realized it could be a yummy Christmas treat! Just make the layers a little thicker, and add some cool whip or whipped cream on top! FUN!

Let it set for a few hours and voila, rainbow jello! Okay, I KNOW the colors are not the colors of the rainbow...so I guess we will just call it multicolored jello.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Young lady, if you're going to call it Jello, use Jello. If not, call it gelatin or gelatin treats!


Erin Finney said...

just like I call all tissues Kleenex, I call all gelatin Jello!