Monday, January 23, 2012

freezing cheese...

This is a somewhat random post...but it's something I experimented with a few months ago and felt like I should share what I found!

I LOVE cheese. LOVE it. Love it. LOVEEEEE ITTTT. I don't know what it is about cheese that just makes my belly so happy and my tongue tingle with joy. However, cheese can be a bit pricey and I am a bit cheap (the 2 don't mix together very well). Costco's shredded cheese is by far one of the best deal's around...the problem is, I can not eat that much cheese before it goes bad. 

The solution: freeze it! 

 Separate it into 2 - gallon size zip lock bags (these aren't freezer bags), squeeze all the air out and then lay flat in freezer. Once frozen you can pull it out as you need the bag and let it defrost in the fridge. I didn't have any issues with clumpy-ness or taste!

You could also use quart size bags if a gallon bag is too much for you to go through before it goes bad.

And there you are, a little money saving technique! 

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Natalie said...

My parents have been doing this for ages! Though I bet my dad could eat all of it before it expires