Sunday, January 22, 2012

Combo Dress

I've been drooling over the idea of making a dress of my own, especially after being inspired by this easy to do short dress and this long dress that I've always wanted (but am too tall to be able to find one in the store). Yet I've found myself torn between which to make...

So I thought why not make BOTH! Better yet, why not make both in ONE DRESS! Yep, that's it. A two-in-one dress that can be either short, or long. 

I am not going to give you all the instructions because that would be silly, and I forgot to take pictures, and then when I did think of it Keith was in the middle of using my camera to post his items on ebay...and so goes the story of my life... So, I will do the best I can to explain what I did, but when in doubt resort to the above links and just follow my last step to make it a combo dress. 

I went to the store and found some black fabric on clearance...I'm not too sure what kind of fabric it is or anything about it, but I washed it before I sewed it and it didn't shrink so  I figured I was good to go! 
The Skirt: 
  • I had the fabric store cut 60", when I got home laid it out with the cut edges together (so the 60" was the length). If you're shorter than I am (5'10") go ahead and adjust the length as needed! Next time I will probably get less fabric, but I figured it's better to have more than not enough!
  • Pin it together on the long side and sew baby sew! I used a basic stitch and 5/8" seam allowances. 

The band:
  • I measured 3" for my 2" elastic band
  • pin & sew
  • I left about 2" unsewn to thread the elastic band through. 
  • To measure the elastic band: I put it around the part of my waist I planned to wear the dress, pulled it so it was comfortable, and cut. 
  • Once I threaded it through, I sewed the elastic together and sewed up the rest of the hem.

For the tank:
  • I used a tank I found on clearance at old navy for $3.50...I liked it because it wasn't a ribbed tank, but still the jersey knit material. 
  • I cut the tank 9" down from the armpit seam. 
  • I attached the seams together with a pin, and started sewing there. 
  • I used the 1/2" extra that I had from the 3" band width to attach the tank, and left out about 2" of the tank to overlap underneath the dress. 
  • I didn't pin the rest of this, I just made sure I pulled the tank and matched it up with part of the dress os it all attached together.
  • Once the tank is attached, hem up the dress to desired length for a long dress. 
To make it a combo dress:
  • take 2 buttons (mine don't match, yours don't have to either!) and attach one to each side of the dress.
  • you can create a button hole if you know how and make your hem big enough. I did not do this, so I just took some thread and made a little hook out of it but making a loop the width of the widest part of the button and sewing back and forth.
  • You could use black thread if you don't want it to be seen, but I wanted it to be found easily for a quick change in wardrobe. 

[button loop]



[long]                                      [short]

{please don't mind my filthy bathroom mirror}

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