Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Magical Kingdom

I haven't been to the Magic Kingdom since I was in a wheel chair in 3rd grade. Okay, that was a little overdramatic, but it's true. I sprained my ankle the second day of our vacation to Florida when I was in third grade and spent the day at Magic Kingdom in my wheelchair. So this time, Keith was determined to fit as much as we could into a single day at Disney World, starting with the Magic Kingdom. 

We were there right as it opened which was really cool to see the opening performance: 
[all the characters come on the train to the front and 
sing a song to you and do a little dance, it's really just so cool!]

And then you walk in and see this: 
[The most beautiful thing I've ever seen!]

Well back to that story about third grade, in the wheel chair...that year was the first year that I was old enough and tall enough to go on splash mountain. Unfortunately, with my sprained ankle, I wasn't allowed to go on again that year, and that was the last year we went to Florida. I've talked about how disappointing it has been for years, so the first ride that we went on had to be SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!! 

[yes, it was worth the wait!]

After that we hit some of the other rides and other things that just looked fun to us!

[going up on dumbo!]

[racing in the race cars!]

[Keith texting and driving on the racetrack lol]

[in front of the castle]


After the Magic Kingdom we went to Hollywood Studios, I'm really not sure why I don't have pictures of that because we saw this really neat special effects show...I must have been too into it to take any pictures. 

Then on to Epcot, but not for long, their wait times were WAY too long!

So it was back to the Magic Kingdom we went!

[We took a ride on the train]

[Saw Woody and Jesse]

[and even watched a fun parade! Minnie is so pretty!]

That night they lit the castle for Christmas, all their Christmas decorations were already up and everything - it was really neat to see! We asked someone to snap this picture of us while they were getting ready for the nighttime spectacular parade.
[I love this picture, I even got an 8x10 for our Disney frame!]

[grabbing a turkey leg -- Keithers's favorite!]

[can you tell I love minnie? I think she is just so beautiful!]

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Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Texting and racing? You're lucky he didn't get thrown out of the park!