Friday, December 16, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

This year I decorated Keith's house for Christmas (which is a lot harder than decorating my little apartment) 

I got these little balls last year on clearance, the bows I made myself! I hung them across the open doorway from the kitchen to the TV room. 

Finally, my first real Christmas tree!

[still a little bare in my opinion...
but our ornament collection has just begun!]

[yes, those are parrot lights!]

and I got to cover it with lots of fun ornaments - I was especially excited to pull out the ones we got at Bronner's over the summer!

[ATVing marshmallow snowman]



[notice is hook for a leg!]

[nom nom nom]


I know there isn't a lot, but our decorations are growing day we will have a house FULL of Christmas decorations, but for now it's fun to just begin! 

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