Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cupcake stand

For Thanksgiving I needed a cute place to put my yummy treats...around Halloween I came across this cute cupcake stand at the Dollar Tree (I LOVE THAT PLACE!) and picked it up with the intention to use it as a template.

I wasn't sure what I had that was sturdy enough to use as a stand, but sure enough I found this in my office: 
[it's the backing of a Vera calendar I got last year for Christmas!]

I also had some extra cardboard laying around (as usual)

So I traced each piece:

And began to cut it out and put it together

I had some white paint that I then used to paint what you see is cardboard. I wasn't too bright about this and painted it AFTER I put it together, when I obviously should have done this before. But it still turned out just fine! 

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