Saturday, October 1, 2011

Those who know me know my favorite store in the whole wide world is Costco. Keith and I visit the store regularly and often just for a slice of pizza or a hot dog and some browsing. Today, we headed there to pick up a few items and grab lunch; while we were there we came across these:

 Corningware etch! Keith's mom and I were at kohl's a few weeks back and she mentioned she had seen them at a bridal shower she attended, though the only color available was red. I thought they were neat, but didn't really love the red, so when we came across these yesterday I insisted Keith call his mom to see if she wanted some. Sure enough she did, and then Keith let me get a set as well! :) I think his motive may have been a little tainted, as the day before he had purchased the kitchen for our new house without my consent (more on that later ;)) but I'm not complaining!

[so pretty!]

I'm hosting Thanksgiving at Keith's house this year, so I'm pretty excited to use them (though I hope to use them before then)!

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