Thursday, October 6, 2011


Well of course, once Keith saw the fabulous wreath I had made for my apartment he wanted one for his house, but I wasn't willing to have 2 of the same wreath (when we do eventually move in together). So, while we were at the Geneva craft show we came across a cool Halloween wreath that I knew I could replicate. Again it was close to $40 to purchase, and while I would be more willing to spend that kind of money at a craft fair over a hobby lobby, I couldn't justify it when I knew I could make it for cheaper! 

I started with a wire wreath circle from hoblob $1.75 with my 40% off coupon. 
The black around it is a special kind of ribbon, it was 50% off in store ($5 for the BIG roll)
The "spooky" sign is a Target one-spot purchase, but was actually $2.50 (most things in the one spot are $2.50, let's be honest here!) 
The ghosts are made from plastic grocery bags so they can be weather resistant, and tied on with purple ribbon (I had both around the house so they were free to me.)
I did have to purchase a hook for the door, which was $2 or $3 (pardon my horrid memory!) 
Making the total cost of this wreath: approximately $12 which is a savings of $28 from the craft fair! 
 [And look how fun it is!]

[looks great with my mums and scarecrow!!] 

The mums were another fun project that I embarked on this past weekend. I have never been much of a gardener, but love flowers and would really like to be better at it. I figure mums will be a good place to start, since they require minimal maintenance (from what I've read). I love both pots that we found, the blue on the left was from JoAnn's (75% off) and the green on the right from Menard's (also discounted, just not sure how much). Doesn't it just make the porch look lovely?

Scarecrow Jack was a Menard's rebate purchase as well, he is such a cheerful boy!

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