Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First sewing project complete (well, almost!)

A few weeks ago, on one of our Saturday night dates, Keith and I just so happened to pop into JoAnn fabrics to stroll around and look for some fabric for pillows for the couch (which was what should have been the first sewing project) and came across the most beautiful fabric for curtains in the clearance bin.

 Since we have been talking about getting curtains for the back door for some time now, Keith decided we should purchase it and create this as my first sewing project (ambitions ain't he?)

The process was slow, the motor in my first sewing machine (given to me from Keith's mom) broke, so I had to purchase a new one: 

Then I had to figure out how long I wanted, and what style I wanted them to be. Midway through Keith changed his mind, and while I contemplated changing it, I don't think he is going to win this one. 

[finally cut the fabric and laid it out to pin)

[my sewing station] 

[ironing the seams]

Now the curtains have been hung for a few weeks now, because we had company over and I didn't want them just draping over the chairs. However, I need to finish attaching the lining to the top of them. 
[final product]

[do you love it with the yellow (and hockey decor)? I do!]

This was definitely a learning experience for me, I need a few more tools if I am ever going to embark on this task again (mostly a rotary cutter and mat so that I can cut straight). But I really did enjoy it and am excited to pick out fabric for some throw pillows for the couch (and for a much simpler project)!

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