Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Festival

I love fall, it's such a beautiful time of the year with everyone is trying to soak up the last of the beautiful weather (at least here, before the big Chicago winter hits!). A few weekends back Cortland had their parade and fall festival. I haven't been to a parade in ages, so Keith and I decided to tag along with the neighbors and go get some free candy! The parade was actually pretty fun, and it lead right into their park for their little fall festival. Here are some of the highlights :)

[isn't my godson the cutest???]

[Keith's shot of Eddie]

[Keith's shot of superhero Frickity Frank]

[Waiting for the candy!]

[The boys]

[Maggie and Frank]

[Maggie being inappropriate.... ;)]


[Eddie waved the ENTIRE time]

[Even when the trucks were too loud!]

[When I saw this one coming I looked at Keith and said 
"I hope this float is throwing cupcakes!! (They weren't)]

[Even the tupperware people walked in the parade]

[Keith and Eddie pointing at something exciting...]

[Wonder what it could be....]

[OH! It's the tractor, of course!]

[how fun is this?!]

[Finn slept right through the marching band]

[this little guy was such a trooper!
and so was his dad, who moments before had his foot ran over by this little guy!]

[I want to sit up there...see him??]

[Maggie told Eddie no more candy, 
of course, Keith shoved some in his pocket and Eddie tried to hide and eat it...
we have two goofy boys on our hands! haha]

[horses, and dogs that look like horses!]

[hahahahaha...I love him!]

[can we say "perfect fall day"?]

Maggie and I were chatting at a picnic table before this happened...we got up and walked over to find the boys and we find this. Not only that, the three of them were trying to get into the same row first haha.

[choo choo!]

[and Keith was stuck sitting next to some random girl...
I'm not sure what parent would look and think "yeah this is a good idea?" haha]

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