Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crafty :)

Last week I decided I wanted to make a pretty fall wreath for my apartment. Since my roommate enjoys my crafty-ness more than Keith does (although he does appreciate it) and she's having friends come in town in October, I decided I would make it for our place to spice it up for autumn!

When I went to hobby lobby to get the supplies, I stopped to see what kinds of wreaths they had, and to make sure that I wouuldn't be spending more to make a wreath than to buy one. To my surprise, I found that most wreaths are well around $40!!! I knew I would have no problem at all figuring out how to make one for less!!

I started with just the twig wreath from hobby lobby ($2.50 with my 40% off coupon)
All of their fall decor was on sale for 50% off, so the mini pumpkin, corn and little ball looking things on the top were all 50% off. (3@ about $1.50 = $4.50)
The leaves came in a bag, what was tricky was that the fall leaves in the fall section were individual and about $1.25 for a stick of leaves. The ones I found were in the fake flower/gardening section and they were half off ($1.50 with sale)
The big sunflower was a garage sale find over the summer, the woman just wanted to get rid of everything so I took the big box of fake flowers she had and she gave them to me for free!

So, my wreath in total cost me approximately $10; that's a $30 savings from the price of buying one! I should seriously start selling these things! ;)

[love, love, love!] 

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