Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday month wasn't over ;)

Friday night when I got to Keith's house, I had a package from my parents delivered. My mom had mentioned sending it to me earlier in the month, but apparently couldn't find the post office in her town...after finding (I think) a UPS store, she shipped it on up to me. And oh my goodness, it was the most thoughtful gift I have EVER received! 

She printed the school supplies list from the school I am student teaching at. 

[Brookdale Elementary 2nd grade]

And purchased, and wrapped all of the supplies, plus a few (or a lot) extra!

This was the best...she wrote a post it note that said "I do believe I have gotten everything on the list, but just incase check the shirt pocket"

[you are never too old to be excited about getting $20 from your parents!]

[all wrapped up]

[in princess wrapping paper]

[with glitter and confetti -- well worth the clean up!]

[my loot!]

[notice what is hidden in there, 
and was (obviously) not on the school supply list ;)]

What's great about these two items is that I have been wanting them from Bath and Body Works for a while, but could never justify spending the money on them!
[I love my ladybugs!]

[I love my hand sanitizer!]

[anyone remember kuala yummies? Yep!!!]

[super fun packaging tape!]

[school ready kleenex!]

[super cute pink tote to store it all in for now]

And I think my facebook status for the night sums it all up very well: 

"just received the most thoughtful gift I have ever gotten! My mom (Laura 'Blakey' Finney) printed out the school supplies list from the school I am student teaching at, purchased all the supplies off of it, plus a bunch of other stuff that I will need to get through the semester (including wine) and mailed it to me!!! How incredibly thoughtful of her, it makes me feel so loved and truly blessed to have parents as wonderful as mine. :)"

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