Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pinata - a new tradition!

When Keith asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday I told him all I really wanted was to have the Turza's over for dinner and a little celebration. So this evening, the Turza's came over and we had a party! Maggie brought a pinata from the DG and it was definitely the highlight of the night!

After Frank finally busted it open, we headed inside where the boys then began to play with our light up toys....

And I oogled over my perfectly adorable Godson

[My precious Godson!]


DaenelT said...

Happy birthday!

Omg, it's been so long since I've hit a pinata. Such a fun idea. Hmmmm.... I wonder how my kids would feel if I got one for their birthday on Tuesday?

Erin Finney said...

I think you should totally do it!!! Eddie is 3, and he thought it was great, and the rest of us (ages 23-26ish) thought it was fabulous. I think they would LOVE it.

If you're looking for a fun project you can make them yourself, but you'd have to start it today. Otherwise, we got ours from the dollar general for cheap.