Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let birthday month commence!

Last weekend Keith and I used our groupon and headed to dinner at a brazillian steak house! I wasn't as impressed with this one as I have been with ZED 451, but it was still a wonderful date night, and a great way to celebrate my b-day! Unfortunately, I did not remember to bring my camera, or think to take a picture with my phone (pathetic, I know!) so you are just going to have to imagine how cute I looked and how adorable of a couple we are! 

Tonight Keith and I headed over to Nat's house to celebrate my birthday. Nat and I have now been friends for TWENTY years (ew, I'm old, this is something my PARENTS say!!!!). I can't believe we have known each other this long, but I am thankful that we have! She made me a yummy pie, and her dad (as usual) video taped us singing happy birthday. It was a great night, and a great way to celebrate!

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