Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chicago Architecture Tour

We headed into my favorite city to enjoy a beautiful summer day! We took the train in and walked to Navy Pier (a far walk, but a lovely one, nonetheless!). When we got there, we realized Jimmy Buffett has a Margaritaville restaurant there; we were so excited so we had a quick bite to eat and went on our way to our architecture tour.

We went on the seadog architecture tour (we had a groupon) and I have to admit, I wasn't very impressed. The tour guide was pretty good, very knowledgeable and fun, but the tour itself was a little disappointing. It was 70 minutes, 10 minutes of it at the end was a chance to get a taste of the speedboat cruise, which was cool, but not what I had paid for. Then there was a good 20 minutes spent waiting for and in the locks...which was cool to go through, as I have never experienced it before, but definitely a deal breaker for if I ever brought friends to the city to do a tour. 

2 years ago I went on another tour when my roommate's friends were in town from PA and it was awesome! We didn't go through the locks so I felt like we really got the most of our tour. I wish I remembered the name of the cruise line, but it's been two years so what do you expect? All I remember was it was the first ticket booth before you enter into Navy Pier. 

It was still a great date day, and I am thankful that I was able to have Keith all to myself, especially before school starts back up in a few weeks! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment to show you all the sights we were able to see. Chicago really is a beautiful town!

[Waiting to get on]

[I thought it was cool that the captain sat up above all of us in this little tower!]

[Fire boat and police station]

[I love this town.]

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