Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dress Shopping

My mom flew in town last night for a visit, so this morning we went wedding dress shopping, and I had a GREAT time. I really enjoyed trying on the dresses, and could probably have stayed there for hours doing so. I found one that I really liked, a lot, that could have maybe even been the one...the problem is, these things are EXPENSIVE and I found a website where you can order your dress pretty much directly from China. It's a completely legitimate site, I even have a friend whose roommate has used it and had great success with it. I'm going to post a picture of the one that I liked the best from today and then pictures of the two I like from the website...would you be so kind as to vote on which you like? I realize this is supposed to be a surprise for everyone and all that superstitious mumbo jumbo...but let's be honest, I am so not a believer in that nonsense. Plus, you won't know which one I go with until the big day!

Dress # 1

Dress # 2 

Dress # 3


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

They're all lovely!

I will not vote. I'm always annoyed by the friends on "Say Yes to the Dress" who have too much to say, so I can't be one.

But, I'm hoping your other friends help you out.


AshleaD said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the one you are actually wearing. omg. So pretty!

Where did you go dress shopping? I got my dress at Davids Bridal and it was less than $300!

Eeeeeeee! Have fun with the wedding jazz Erin, I am so happy for you!

Luz, sent by Ellen said...

I think you should get one you can try on because how it looks on a model isn't going to look the same on you. But if I have to pick I like #3

KM, sent by Ellen said...

I'll be honest....I don't approve of the "buying a dress from China", so I'm having a difficult time commenting. Most of those sites allow you to buy knockoff designers bridal gowns, which I believe is stealing in a way. These dresses aren't even "inspired" by designer gowns. They are sewn to be exact replicas.

From a consumer perspective, those sites can be very unreliable, the quality of the dress can be poor, and if you end up with the wrong dress, size, or no dress at all, your out the money.

I'd rather a bride rented a dress, went through a bridal consignment site or store, or just choose a less expensive boutique/dress.

That said, all three dresses are beautiful. I personally would have a hard time purchasing a dress I never tried on.

Sorry I couldn't be more help :)

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...


I tend to agree with Lucy and KM. You should buy a dress you can try on. There are ways to save (buying a used dress--try Craig's list or go to a resale shop).

As for the knock-off thing, now that she points it out, it is like buying a knock off designer bag, and that's illegal.

I do wonder if Customs is on to these folks--and could they take your dress?

You will look gorgeous in anything you wear, keep looking!

ALI said...

I tried on my dress & then ordered the right size. Then proceeded to gain weight & had to have it tailored to the hilt. So in my opinion the 2nd one is what I'd go for, but first see if any stores carry a version to try on. Scenic it is not a perfect fit, it will give you a good idea.

btw - I'm here via Ellen

laura said...

you need to do what is right for YOU!!! I like #1 and #2 the best but i do like #3 also...just not as well as #1 and 2

Aleessa said...

Hi .. I agree to what they have said .. you should pick something that looks best on you and the one you are most comfortable with .. but In my opinion I like the dress #3 .. :)))

designfirm said...

I really like dress #3