Monday, July 18, 2011


After receiving a letter (as in a snail mail letter) from my grandma stating she sure would like to see me, but she knows I'm busy so she will "just have to deal with it," I figured it was time for a trip up to Canada to visit the family.

We started off in Toronto and stayed with my cousin's girlfriend for two nights. Saturday we headed downtown Toronto to be tourists. We hit up the CN tower, hockey hall of fame, and a Jimmy Buffett concert!

[Part of downtown Toronto's skyline]

[CN tower from afar]

[Hockey Hall of Fame]

[Thought my dad would like this one :)]

[this was interesting to me, do you see the playoff ring in the front on the left? 
Compare that to the size given out now!]

[with the cup, again]

[lunch time!]

[view from the top of the CN tower]

[view from the top of the CN tower]

[this just gave me a good chuckle]

[the skydeck of the CN tower]

[view from the top of the CN tower]

[view from the top of the CN tower]

[outside on the lookout of the CN tower]


[aww how cute!] 

 [my fave part of the show, sad, isn't it?]

 [Jimmy's background for one of the songs]

[10th row baby]

The next day we went off to Lindsay, where my dad was born and raised. This town means a lot to me, my Poppa helped build most of it, and provided almost all the lumber for the buildings there. As kids one of the places my family enjoyed going to when we visited Lindsay was a little town about 15 minutes away named Fenelon Falls, we would watch the boats go through the locks, eat tiger tail ice cream, and enjoy the waterfall. While we were up visiting, I really wanted to take Keith there, and Grandma was a good sport to come along with. I sure do love my Grandma, such a great woman, her spunk kills me, and her straight forward, no crap attitude is admirable. 

 [this is where Finney lumber used to be]

[Grandma and I at Fenelon Falls]

[Me and my Keithers!]

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