Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Project #1

After getting home tonight, having hoopdy (Keith's car) have a minor break down in home depot, and being up since 6am, I was very happy to spend the night outside creating these for my balcony: 

I didn't want to buy them, as they were running around $15-$20 per planter! I bought the soil and baskets at the Dollar Tree ($4), Home Depot had Geraniums for $0.88 so I got 5 of those ($4.40), Tina had a geranium that she had gotten for teacher appreciation week that she almost killed and I'm trying to save before it's completely dead, and I got 2 grass fillers for the middle, which were a little pricey ($2.98 each -- $5.96) but well worth the investment! If you were keeping track, that's a total of $14.36 for both planters, $7.18 each. Much cheaper, and in my opinion more rewarding, than the ones from the store!

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