Monday, May 16, 2011

Savannah, GA

Since we are the only ones out of the crowd who could make it up before 8 the morning after the wedding, we decided to take a day trip to Savannah, GA and then to Hilton Head Island! 

[off we go!]

On the way we stopped at this cute little shop for breakfast, Carolina Cherry Company.  

 [Peach Cider...not as peachy as I had anticipated, but still not bad!]

[Keith enjoyed this cider!]

[Blackberry fritters!]

[off we go!]

[here we are!] 


We arrived in Savannah mid-morning and wondered around before heading over to Segway Savannah for a tour of the city!

There is so much history and interesting information that goes along with Savannah, I highly recommend a tour and a segway tour at that! I was a little nervous about riding on them, but I am so glad we did, it was SO fun! Here are a few highlights from the tour.

One of the most beautiful places in Savannah is St. John The Baptist Church. There is beautiful stain glass, vaulted ceilings, stonework, woodwork, it's just gorgeous! Kind of makes me want to be a catholic! 

James Oglethorphe, the founder of Savannah, Georgia

Colonial Park: a famous cemetery where Oglethorpe used to keep his horses...Since there were 15 and 16 year olds watching these horses, they often got bored and took out their pocket knives to graffiti the head stones. There are people in there who had kids before they were born, lived for over 300 years and a few other oddities.  

After 2 hours on the segway, our feet and legs were very tired, and our bellies were very hungry! So, we headed to find something to eat! We stopped to see Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Son's. But as suspected, there was a 6 hour I just took a picture and we headed down to the next restaurant! 

And boy am I glad we found this place! It was a super cool, build your own pizza place, Your Pie
[of course, Keith had to check on RSI and make sure everything was going okay]

[but that didn't bother me, because I had this whole pizza to myself!] 

[Keith's pizza (not as good as mine!)]


Absolutely, wonderful day!

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