Saturday, April 30, 2011

A c-r-a-z-y night! ;)

Saturday night we headed down to Hyde Park to hang out with Natalie, and celebrate the completion of her 40 page thesis paper! While we were waiting in the car, I got the idea that Keith should put on my headband, it sounded like so much fun to me! He, on the other hand, thought (again) that I was nuts! I, did not, I just wanted to have some fun, and be silly!! He even said it was the most fun he had EVER had (I just chose to disregard the sarcasm in his voice, and accepted it as truth)!!

[the most fun he's had in a while!]

[True love :)]

I sure do enjoy this man!!

After a tasty dinner, we sat around and talked for a while, then dropped Natalie off and headed back to the suburbs. It was good to see Natalie, and I am SO excited to have her home this summer, the first in YEARS as she has been abroad for the past few! :)


Natalie said...

I'm excited to be living close to you, too!

Erin Finney said...

yay, me too!