Friday, May 20, 2011

New Lunch Bag!

A few months back Keith told me that lean cuisine was doing a promotion, if you enter 20 promo codes from select meals, you get a trendy lunch bag for free! Since we often eat frozen meals for lunch (in between leftovers) we thought it was pretty reachable! I found a lot of great coupons for the lean cuisine meals, and he had another friend who would send him codes. Between the three of us, we scored a free lunch bag!!! After a long 6 weeks of waiting, (okay, I may have forgotten about it, oops!) my cute new lunch bag arrived! It's insulated, durable, and very chic! I can't wait to use it while student teaching in the fall! 

[do you love it?? I do!]


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I started saving for one, and then I just forgot. No biggie, I love the bag I bought at Dominick's last August. So cute the checker thought I put my bag on the conveyor and handed it back to me twice. I bring a lunch everyday, so it's worth the cost of a good bag. But a free bag? Even better!

Erin Finney said...

I have a few bags, but none that are big enough to fit my tupperware as well. I saw you had mentioned you purchased a cloth sandwich wrap, where did you find it, and has it worked out nicely for you? I'm thinking of getting one of those, as my sandwich container is what takes up most of my lunch bag space!

When I was working at Chesterbrook, I packed my lunch everyday. People teased me a lot (in a very loving way) for doing this, until they realized how much money I saved in a week from bringing one!

I was also lucky enough to live close, so I could go home for lunch if I didn't have time to pack; but I often worked through my lunch break, as it was my only time to gather supplies and prep for the rest of the day/week, so going home wasn't always an option!