Monday, May 2, 2011

My new kitchen :)

I've always wanted a yellow kitchen. Ideally, it would be a yellow kitchen, with white cabinets. Something about that just makes my heart smile. Well, I've shared this dream with Keith a few times, and he, being the wonderful man that he is, arranged to have his kitchen painted yellow.

I have since decorated and organized the kitchen (these pictures were taken the day after they were painted) and I will post those pics, probably later today. But for now, please enjoy my newly painted yellow kitchen. I love this kitchen. I love the supplies I have here, I love that Keith encourages all my new recipes (and gladly tries them), and I love that I have been blessed with my very own kitchen - something I never really imagined happening this soon in my life :).

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halloweencouple said...

love the yellow, white cabinets will brighten it even more