Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blakey

The original purpose of this vacation was for my cousin's wedding, and what an absolutely gorgeous day it was. The weather was PERFECT 

[the sun was too bright, I almost fell over!]

[My cousin's and brother...
yep that's right, the only girl on my mom's side is me, 
so you can imagine how thankful I am to have Leah!!!!]

 [the programs were fans, I should have taken a picture of the entire program, 
but I was so excited about the bling on my program that I forgot!]

[first kiss as husband and wife!]

 [My cousin, Andrew, and his girlfriend, Meaghan]

 [Keith found a pretty flower for my hair!]

 [Traditional family pic]

 [Realistic family pic]



 [he insisted!]

 [two, very beautiful, ladies!]

[My uncle and his wife] 

[dancin' the night away!]

[absolutely beautiful venue!]

[my mom refused to dance...until Keith sweet talked her into it!]

[<3 this man!] 

 [my cousin, Andrew, gave a beyond phenomenal speech that left not one eye dry in the room. 
He was funny, tasteful, and included a wonderful remembrance of my Aunt, 
whom we lost to breast cancer a few years back.]

 [Mark and Leah enjoying the speech]

[They had reserved a regular limo, 
but when the walked out, they were surprised with an upgrade!]


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