Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend!

What a weekend! It started out by having one of my students, from when I was a youth group leader, who I'm now good friends with come into town. We wanted to hang out Friday night and since Keith and I were planning to go to Sycamore Speedway, we made her come along (hehe)! It was a chilly night, but luckily Keith had bought me a super comfy North Face Coat while we were in South Carolina, and I had blankets in the car!

 [She's always been my snuggle buddy!]

 [It started raining on us too!]

[So excited for the races!]
 It was such an awesome night, especially because it started raining, which made the clay track super slick and a lot more entertaining! A station wagon flipped over and lit on fire (the person escaped before it lit on fire), there were lots of almost fights, and lots of slipping and sliding. The demolition derby at the end is always my favorite, and ended in a big cloud of smoke! Here are just a few shots from the night, I didn't have my fancy camera, so they're a little blurry.

 Saturday we met with Casey's mom for lunch at Gemato's. BBQ is by far my favorite kind of food. There are so many different varieties and styles, no matter where you go there is something a little different about how the food is BBQ'd! After lunch we didn't have anything planed for the afternoon so we did a little shopping, well it started out as browsing and lead to some shopping. Two BIG purchases (will blog about once they arrive in a month or so...) and two new platters for the kitchen, despite my little proclamation that I would no longer be purchasing kitchen items...heh...yeah, that was part of the deal - Keith told me he'd get them for me only if he didn't have to hear me tell him I didn't have enough cabinet space lol!

Saturday night was spent with our great friends, Frank and Maggie, their little guy and our future God child :). Olive Garden for endless salad and bread sticks, table "hockey" (the coasters are hockey pucks, duh!), and a very, very, VERY awkward manager, all made for a wonderful night!

Keith and I visited the redbox and picked up Life as We Know It and I highly recommend it! It was the perfect romantic comedy to end the night :)

Sunday was a lazy belly was VERY unhappy with my choice to eat endless salad and breadsticks, and my gluttony caused us to skip church, and lay on the couch for most of the morning. Sunday afternoon we did a little grocery shopping for Keith's house, just to get out, had dinner, watched a TV movie, and called it a night!

Monday the plan was to go to my parents' campsite at Woodhaven Lakes, spend the day swimming, laying on the beach, and building sand castles. Instead, we got there and the pools were not only all filled to capacity, but there were lines out the door with people waiting to get in! UGH! I was SO beyond frustrated! It was monumental that Keith decided to take the day off work, so I was NOT about to go home and have him work the day away! After a little brainstorming he suggested we go to Pearl Lake and check out their beach. It was $10 each to get in, which wasn't ideal, but helped to keep the crowd away, which turned out to be the perfect solution for the overcrowded pools elsewhere!


Even though it was HOT outside, the water was FREEZING, we both managed to go in, Keith was a little more brave and went all the way to his chest. I, on the other hand, simply enjoyed the sand with a dip up to my knees to cool off every now and then :) 

[brave soul!]

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you didn't forget what today was all about either!

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