Monday, May 23, 2011

Marvelous Monday!

It sure is a marvelous Monday! The past few weekends (with the exception of vacation) have been spent cleaning out Keith's basement. I regretfully do not have any pictures to share with you to help describe the disaster that this basement was. Prior to moving into their office, Keith's business was ran out of his basement. Since they were just starting, they asked for donations of cardboard boxes, for shipping items, from anyone and anywhere they could. What this means is that when they moved out, they left behind those cardboard boxes, since they get their boxes from the post office now. When I say they left behind cardboard boxes I mean they left behind floor to ceiling back of the basement to front, assembled, cardboard boxes. This means that I spent days breaking down the boxes, taking them to the recycling center, taking what I could to their office, sweeping, moving, and rearranging the basement.

Along with those cardboard boxes were remnants of what was left from Keith's ebay days, before RSI that is. A huge box filled with bathing suits, another with diaper bags, another with children's toys, another with shoes and shorts. So, this weekend, Keith and I packed up Tori and headed to Once Upon a Child and a few other places, to drop off the items left over from that stage in his life, and this is what lead to my marvelous Monday!

"Why was it marvelous?" you ask, well, thanks for asking! It was marvelous because the money that was made from the items sold at Once Upon a Child (they took everything we gave them) was graciously rewarded to me, and Keith told me to go and buy the food processor I have been somewhat bugging him for since Easter. So off to Costco I went, to purchase my newest kitchen accessory!

The problem is, I seem to be running out of space in my kitchen for all my new toys, so I think this may be the last toy until I get my new kitchen. Thankfully, I was able to find a little shelf to stow my new treasure away!

[Safe and sound in it's new home]

And that, my blogging friends, is why today is a marvelous Monday!

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