Monday, May 16, 2011

Hilton Head

After spending most of the day in Savannah, we steered over to Hilton Head to see what all the hype was about!
 [Back to SC we go!]

[We made it!]


[Almost got this for my dad, Keith wasn't too thrilled of the idea]

[thumbs up to Hilton Head!]

[trying to use my self timer and get a picture with this funky tree]

[Beautiful day!]

After driving around the island, checking out the beach, perusing a few shops, we headed to The Old Oyster Factory for some dinner. It was my first experience eating oysters, I'm not much of a fish eater, although I wish I was, but fried oysters weren't all that bad! 

 [the sunset from where we were eating dinner]

After that we geared up for the two and a half hour drive home, and as soon as we arrived hit the bed and fell asleep!

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