Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Got through security to find out our plane was delayed for a little over 2 hours...oh boy! Luckily I brought along bananagrams for situations that require entertainment. Have I ever mentioned dating Keith is like having a child? I often have to find ways to keep him entertained. I guess this wouldn't be a fair statement unless I admitted to my child-like in, if you ever come across me when I am tired or hungry (or the combination - AVOID AT ALL COST!) you will find that I am a complete MESS and have learned to carry a snack with me at all times for such occasions.

Anyways, I beat Keith yesterday in bananagrams, and, as he says, "I am on a winning streak," so it's time to see if that streak can continue!

[picture from google, I'm not that good!]

***update- it's 1:50pm (an hour and a half after we were supposed to take off) and we are about to board -- woohoo! Also, I beat Keith in another two games of bananagrams...winning streak is official! :)***

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