Friday, April 15, 2011

My Daddy, my hero.

I am beaming with pride this weekend as I can brag about my Dad who, at almost 60 years old, is riding in the MS 150 this weekend!

Here is his page if you want to read his story and why he is doing it.

This cause is near to my heart as a member of a very close family has struggled with MS. But aside from that, I am just flat out proud of my Dad. He has always been an inspiration to me to put others first, be honest, hard working, and just an all around positive contributing member of society. My dad not only speaks of the importance of all of these things, but he lives them out every day. In fact, I would even lean to say that he doesn't really speak of the things, just lives his life as an expression of them.

I could go on, and on about how great my Dad is, from how talented his is with building and restoration, to his gifts of networking and impressive business skills. But I won't, because I'm confident that anyone who knows or meets him will know this simply through the way he lives.

I love my dad, it's been hard to be away from him for the past year and a half...there are very few days where I miss having him around (especially when things break ;-P).

So please take some time this weekend to pray for safety, strength, and great weather for him, and everyone else who is riding this weekend.

[We share a love for ice cream!]

[I can always count on him to wear the Christmas crowns for the rest of the night
AND help me clean up from dinner :)]

[I can also count on him to take random pictures with me!]