Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PI Day!!

Happy Pi day! (well, happy belated pi day)

I was so upset last night when - after making a delicious dinner, on beautiful new plates, with great company - I realized I didn't take a single picture!!! UGH! What is wrong with me?? I guess sometimes I just get so caught up in the moment that I forget!

Anyways, It was pi day yesterday, so I of course asked Keith what kind of pi he wanted...and he replied that he wanted chicken pot pie. YUM! I thought....but then I arrived at his house and he said he completely changed his mind and wanted burgers for dinner...but it was still pi day and so I still HAD (yes, had!) to make a pie of some sort! So, I made home made apple pie, just like I have before, except learning (again) that I need to add more flour to the recipe or get different pie-specific apples. And instead of an apple pie, it was more of a apple pie-cookie crumble...still tasty, nonetheless!

Backing up a few steps, while Keith was deciding he wanted burgers instead of chicken pot pie we were standing in front of the Turza home chatting with Maggie and watching Eddie park his car, and since Maggie is finally well after being sick for the past week, and is pregnant, the mention of burgers had her jumping up out of her seat! SO, I invited the Turza's over for dinner! Have I mentioned I love hosting dinner parties, I love cooking, and I love my friends? Well, if I haven't let me tell you -- I LOVE hosting dinner parties, I LOVE cooking and I LOVE my friends!!!!!!

Backing up a few more steps, that afternoon I had gone to Pier 1 Imports to pick out some new dishes for the kitchen (per suggestion of Keithers!!!!) and ended up with these (sans mugs). Which were on sale (of course) and are SUPER cute!!! So, I was super excited to be able to put them to good use that night!

I wish I had pictures to share of Maggie enjoying her first burger since being well, Eddie eating ten pickles and putting his hands up in the air saying "I make all gone!" and tickling himself, and Frank, Keith and Eddie sitting together in the family room watching hockey. I wish I could show you how pretty the table looked with the bacon cheese burgers from Inboden's (the local butcher) steaming on my new dinner plates, pasta and taffy apple salad filling up my new bowls, home made french fries and pickles waiting to be eaten off my new small plates, and all the smiles, laughter and full bellies that came as a result of it all...but I can't. So, you're just going to have to use your imagination and pretend like you can see it all now, because that is the best I can do. But next time, I promise, I will have pictures and I promise I will post them all, and I promise that my apple pie will be an apple pie, and not an apple pie cookie crumble....

Anyways, Pi day was great, and lots of fun to celebrate -- here is a super cool musical interpretation of youtube that my dad sent to me that I am truly fascinated by!!! I sure hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

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