Sunday, March 13, 2011

My ambition to blog every day over spring break clearly was a complete today is the last day of my spring break and I have yet to blog about, well, anything....So here's a brief overview of the week, with some special highlights on my favorite days!

Friday - Keith came over for dinner and then we went to The Front Street Cantina for drinks and to watch the Blackhawk's game

Saturday - zumba, zumba in the morning and Walter Payton's Roundhouse for dinner and comedy that night! It was a really fun night, the comedian, whom we had never heard of, was being filmed for a Comedy Central special and talked with and included Keith and I in his who knows, you may see us on Comedy Central!

Sunday - Church, COSTCO!!! for pizza, ice cream, hot dogs and churros! YUM

Monday - More zumba in the morning and then spent the day lounging around...I probably should have done homework, okay, I probably should be doing homework now...but I'm putting it off just a little bit longer...Monday night Keith's friend Dave (who is also my friend now, but was his friend first so I don't really know how to write that...) came over for dinner and scrabble.

Tuesday - Hung out with Keith, got to spend some time with my favorite little Turza boy

Wednesday and Thursday I painted and worked for my nanny family

Friday - SUPER lazy in...I STAYED IN BED UNTIL 11am...I have not stayed in bed past 9 since high school people, and I stayed in bed until 11 am!!! I was SO proud of myself for relaxing, laying in bed and watching TV...I should do that more often! Friday night I went to Keith's house and we had our good friends Matt and Mary over for dinner and scrabble. We don't get to hang out with them too often but every time we do I am reminded how much I enjoy them! They were not the best at scrabble, though they are diligently practicing in preparation for next weekend, but it made it even more fun. We laughed the whole night and the time just slipped away from us! SO much laughter, so much fun!

Saturday - I did manage to accomplish a little bit of homework...I wrote a paper, but that's better than nothing! Saturday night Keith and I went to his old neighbor's house (0ld as in past, not as in elderly) for an awesome home cooked meal and a new game - Ad Liners - very similar to Apples to Apples, but it uses pictures and Ad lines from old commercials. Needless to say, it was another fun night with lots of laughs and good company!

Overall, I think you see the trend here - good food, good friends, and board games! Pretty much sums up my week and describes what I like to do with my life! :)

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