Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This was a mess. Literally. A total mess. My kitchen was COVERED in flour by the end of the night, I had dishes everywhere I think I ran the dishwasher twice today and washed around 3 sets of dishes by hand (and have a full sink waiting to greet me in the morning). BUT I am confident that the end result was well worth it!

The noodle dough was actually really easy to make - eggs, flour, salt and water....

...or so I thought! As I went on I had to add about a cup more water than the recipe called for...I'm not sure why - maybe because I doubled the recipe (you can do crazy things like that when you have the 6qt kitchenaid mixer) or maybe it was just really thirsty!

Regardless, my dough turned out okay:

While I was letting it sit I got the first attachment ready - the pasta roller.
[ I used this to flatten the dough into sheets.]

After flattening the dough, it needed to be floured; which was Keith's (VERY exciting) job

[note the excitement (and the mess!)]

[ignore the crazy amount of candy canes - it was also Christmas clearance week!]

After it's floured it's folded. Folding the dough in half helps it to go in the ravioli maker easier and makes more space on the counter for all the dough we prepared!

Now it's time to fill the ravioli! We made our own mixture for it. We combined a roll of mild and hot sausage, mozzarella cheese (the cube not the shredded stuff), pepper jack cheese (again, the cube not the shredded stuff) and ricotta cheese. I mixed it all up in the kitchenaid and then shoved it all in!

Here we go!
[oooh pretty!]

Now, it's supposed to tear apart and be all fancy...but let's be honest, nothing ever works the way it's supposed to (at least not for me - hence the reason this was a four hour process!) so we used a pizza cutter and cut it up!

We made a TON of ravioli and put it all in the freezer! Tonight, we pulled some out to eat and all I did was boil water, throw it in the pot and cook it for about 7 minutes. It was pretty tasty!

Since I'll be out of town this weekend I cooked some extra so Keith can just warm it up in the microwave (apparently he will be lost without me this weekend ;)) so this picture is of what's left for him of what I prepared for dinner tonight!



...this is the aftermath of homemade ravioli...

THAT was fun to clean up (please note the extreme sarcasm...)


Natalie said...

well, duh, if Keith gets the flouring job, the flour mess is not so surprising...

What if next time you're less environmentally friendly & you cover the island with waxed paper or at least plastic (taping down all the sides)?? Then you could just lift it off and throw it probably thought of that afterward too :)

But I'm glad it tasted yummy!

L Garcia Muro said...

Sounds like you started on the right track. Now let God guide you to an everlasting life of happiness.