Monday, January 3, 2011

Lemon Cream Cheese Bars

The recipe is much too long to type out for you, if you REALLY want it I will be happy to post it, but only if I receive a request (a comment with a plea will suffice).

The recipe is in 3 stages: the crust, the cream cheese filling and the lemon topping.

Layer 1: the crust
Mix powdered sugar, eggs and flour...
take it out of the mixing bowl (it looks crumbly at this point) and mush together in a baking dish. The recipe recommends using some random pan size - 15x10 1/2 x 1 -- what average person has that size of a pan?? I just used the standard 13x9 and made it work!

bake for about 15 minutes

Layer 2: the cream cheese filling
mix together powdered sugar, vanilla, eggs, flour and cream cheese

and pour it onto the crust (after the crust has been pre-cooked for about 15 minutes)

Layer 3: the lemon topping
mix sugar, eggs, flour, and lemon juice (you're supposed to use lemon peel but I just supplemented with more lemon juice)

pour it on top of your cream cheese filling

I don't think I let my cream cheese filling become solid enough because when I poured my lemon topping on this is what happened:

But it still turned out okay!