Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holy cow, it's been a week! I'm so sorry for neglecting you all for so long! Classes started, I picked up a second job, and I've been busy busy busy to say the least!

Nonetheless, there is no excuse for not writing and I do apologize for that. Originally I had typed up this eloquent post of how I love my preschoolers and they mean so much to me. And while they do...I think this e-mail from one of the parents from my class last year overrules anything I could say. It was a family who recently moved away and had been trying out different preschools to find the right fit.

"I asked _______ yesterday if she liked her teachers at All About Kids or at her new preschool and she said "I just like Miss Erin". So we may be gone, but you are not forgotten."

Talk about melting my heart :)

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