Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crafty Christmas

This post is a little late, but still a fun Christmas craft that I would like to share!

Every year for my preschool students I try to get them something cute, cheap and fun. So this year I decided to make them all lovies.

1. Have your craft store cut you a yard of 2 different fleece types (I suppose you could do the same, but make sure you have a total of 2 yards of fabric).

2. Take the 2 yards and put them on top of each other (like above). Cut them into 3 separate strips 1ft each.
3. Fold that strip in half and cut.

4. On opposite sides (I did only 2 sides and used the shorter sides) cut slits about 3inches in
5. Tie the 2 sides together and have a finished product!
My final products:

I got a total of 4 yards of fleece fabric for 12 students and had some leftover too. They were a great hit and the kids love snuggling up with these (as their parents have told me)!

The total cost was about $30 which was on the more expensive side of the budget but still less than $3 per student! I also attached a little note to the lovie that said:

"This lovie is so you'll never forget just how much I love you!"

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