Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Bulls Game!

Since Donna was bringing James into town, and I love her just so much, Keith and I decided we should take them to a Bulls game!

[Here we go!]

[I was so excited for my Bulls shirt!]

[At least this made me feel like I had small feet!]

I loved the activities in between the breaks of the game.
[the lovabulls]

[shooting out t-shirts]

The whole night all I was excited for was the ice cream. That's it, I just wanted some ice cream. A kids cone. Twist ice cream. Yum, still sounds good to me right now. But of course, what happens....not only do we wait in one line for 15 minutes, get to the front to be the next people and be told that they are out we then walked around to the other side of the stadium to go through the same EXACT thing! Needless to say, I was MAD!
[before -- waiting in line for the ice cream!]

[after -- my angry face]

At least we got the giant pretzel!

[a little game action]

[This one is my fave!!]

[he's my favorite :)]

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