Friday, November 12, 2010

Best Friends Forever

Tonight was my bff's fall formal for her school. She asked me if I would come (most likely because I'm much more fun than any boy she could take ;) ) and I gladly accepted! It was held at the planetarium in the city had some yummy food (not as much as we had anticipated) and LOTS of fun dancing!

After the formal we headed back to her apartment for a sleepover. Every time we have a sleepover as "adults" we laugh, and reminisce on the days when we stood in the kitchen of my parents' house praying that our parents would let us have a sleepover and having true faith in that technique.

It was wonderful to lay in bed and talk late into the night like old times...wake up and drink coffee and eat toast (with my favorite raspberry canadian jam) and just hang out. Oh I should probably mention that she spent the past year and a half studying abroad in Mexico for a semester and Peru for a hang out time rarely happened...and when it did consisted of skyping or this, this was a treat!

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