Monday, October 18, 2010

The pictures tell a better story than I ever will.

[waiting to get inside]


[one of my favorites]
[Maggie and I!]
[the four of us]

[holding the cup!]

[we were the only group who took pictures with this!]

[Maggie and Frank]

[Keith loves the ice chicks, and since I love him, I let him love the ice chicks...Maggie found the girls and asked them to take a picture with him - do you see his face? He is BEAMING!]
[once they found out that I was his girlfriend they were a little concerned but I laughed and told them I didn't care...and then we took a picture with them!]

[professional picture for the scrapbook :)]


[this was the moment before Keith nearly got us kicked out by trying to pick up the trophy...
yes, that would be my boyfriend...]
[name engravings]

[I only pretended - I can't risk the germs!]

[But Keith and Maggie smooched it up while Frank stood by and laughed!]
[Howie!! What a kind man! The cup handler, I believe was his official title! He is from the area in Canada that my family was was so much fun to chat with him and learn about all the "behind the scenes" stuff that goes along with the cup! He even told us if we kept in contact with him he would hang out with us the next time he's in town -- and we plan to hold him to it!!]
[the case...which they retired today (Monday)]


[the "smaller" version of the ring that the players received]
[the closest Keith will ever get to kissing the ice chicks]


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

I forgot you were Canadian, eh?

Too funny!

By the way, when you were lifting the cup, I was distracted by your third hand...


Erin Finney said...

Yes, that third hand tends to get in the way a lot!