Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Starting to get Spooky!

Okay, I usually don't post much about my work or classroom on here because it makes me very nervous with all the rules and such...I figure it's easier to just not do it than figure out what I can do....however, I am super excited about my new classroom window I just created and figured since I took the pictures after all the kids left it's no big deal to share!

I hope you enjoy! I sure do love Halloween!!

[Yes, I painted that! :)]
[The kids made Frankensteins!
And used paper towel to sponge paint pumpkins!]
[To create this as the final product!]

Beginner 2 says "BOO!" is what is now posted as the label for the window :)



Shelley said...

those have to be the cutest Frankensteins ever! Love your haunted house as well!

Erin Finney said...

Thanks! I think the kids did great! Next, we are going to make "G for Ghost" Ghost foot prints!