Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

I decided yesterday the reason I have chosen to work in a career where I interact with children more than I do adults is because adults are always so grumpy to be at work...but children are always so bubbly and full of energy and there is no way that can not rub back on you!

Welcome to fall! It is indeed my most favorite season of them all! While it is going to be a scorching 88 degrees out today, I am not going to complain about it. Today, I will embrace it, because in two months from now when I am knee-high in snow and negative weather I will remember how wonderful it was to have a hot day in fall and wish that day would reappear very soon.

Those are my thoughts for today before I head off to class....which now that I think of it I haven't updated any of you on! I promise there will be more on school later but I will leave you with this -- This is the first year that I have fallen IN LOVE with my classes! I enjoy the assignments, I am enjoying the classes, and I am just so excited to be there.

I'm thinking teaching was definitely the right career path for could I have ever doubted myself?!?

Anyways, have a thrilling Thursday and enjoy the heat!

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