Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Having not seen my parents in a while I couldn't pass up the opportunity when I found dirt cheap tickets to Houston! Thank you hurricane season!!!

While we were down here we decided to head to Galveston for beerfest; and while it was NOT as fun as we had expected we still have had a great time!

Saturday we headed into rice village where there are tons of little shops and bargain one of a kind stores! One of those stores we walked by was a half priced book store and they were having a 20% off labor day we all know I couldn't pass it up!! I got 12 books for $20 including 4 science teacher resource books that have FUN science experiments in them!

After that we just started driving around and ended up in the Houston zoo area. We really weren't looking to spend any money, so we decided to get out and just walk around. We found the Houston Garden center there and that was...well, disappointing to say the least.

[This was their Japanese garden]

[another picture of their lame Japanese garden]

Some of the flowers were pretty, but my pictures cover just about every flower and section that was there...if you're in Houston looking for something to do...I would not recommend their garden center! But don't worry, there are lots more fun things to do while you are there.

[Keith was so mad he wasted $1.05 in the meter,
he made me take a picture and told me
I better include this in my blog! haha]

[so long Houston Garden Center!]

After leaving the garden we decided to drive by a place we read about online earlier called howl at the moon - a dueling piano bar that ended up making for a great and entertaining night!

[There was a street named Elgin in Texas!]

[An old Sears sign]
Sunday we woke up and headed to Galveston for brunch and one last swim in the ocean for the year. We had such a great time!

[Mom at the beach]


[Mom and Dad at brunch]

[Keith decided to play, but forgot
the slides would be hot sitting in the sun all day]

[It was so windy at the beach we thought we
would be able to fly away like superheros!]
[but we didn't end up flying anywhere!]

[There was also a cruise ship boat
waiting to be loaded - it was huge!
So cool to see up close!]

All in all, it was a great weekend :)

[yee haw!]

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