Monday, September 13, 2010

a lazy weekend... FINALLY!

This weekend was lazy and laid back and simply wonderful! Friday and Saturday I babysat (clearly a very challenging job).....
[the littler girl I was watching and I made this together]

and then Saturday night was spent at Stir Crazy a very fun restaurant that we (of course) had a coupon for!
[Keith enjoying his creation]

[and my creation to follow!]

Sunday we tried a new church, which made me decide I hate church hopping. It's challenging and draining and it made me want to give up (and we have only tried one church...) but thankfully we are going to try again...and again...and again...until we find something we like. Since the morning was so rough we headed to our favorite place ever -- COSTCO!

[we picked out a birthday present for my mom]
[and discovered that Costco does TOURS]

After spending the afternoon working on homework I rewarded myself with my absolute favorite treat:
[cookie cake!!!!! YUM!]

Nothing big or fancy but it was nice after the crazy summer that it has been. And's back to school for the rest of the week!


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