Monday, August 9, 2010


(May 18-24)

Last October my parents moved to Texas. I knew the move was coming since the year prior - it was never confirmed but pretty obvious it was going to happen! But when my parents went to buy their house the week of my 21st birthday, let me tell you I was NOT happy with them - to say the least! They knew better than to buy the house on my they bought it the day after!

With much resentment I traveled down there at Christmas time...only to fall in love with their home and Texas; so the best way to start off my summer was with a trip down to visit my parents! My fabulous boyfriend, Keith, and his best friend, Jim, came down with me to lay hardwood floors for my parents! Jim's girlfriend, Michelle, came down a few days later to hang out with me and spend some time at the pool!

While we were down there we went to the Jimmy Buffett concert...Keith is a HUGE Buffett fan, and I'm just a HUGE fan of music and anything that involves a lively crowd - and this was one LIVELY crowd!!!

I am hesitant to post this picture, because not only is Keith a Buffett fan, he is also an even bigger Blackhawks fan...needless to say, the hawks were in the playoffs when this picture was took and my leprechaun boyfriend felt the need to support with a playoff beard....

Galveston is about a 90 minute drive from my parents' house so the four of us decided that we were going to go down there for the day and spend some time at the beach! As much as I love taking pictures, I figured water and cameras don't mix very well. I did however manage to take this picture with my cellphone of the absolutely stunning view of the Gulf I had all day.

One thing I know is that I am a beach body! I LOVE where the sand meets the water, I could sit there for hours building, rebuilding, playing, digging, picking up sea shells, and sinking my toes into the sand! Luckily, I'm also a supporter of reapplying sunscreen and managed to leave the beach with a nice tan and no burn! (Yes, this is my "the importance of sunscreen" plug here).

It was definitely a great time, very relaxing and good to see my parents! It's been quite a journey having them this far away for the first time in my life - in such a pivotal time in my life too! But luckily I am surrounded by good friends and an over protective boyfriend who has gladly stepped up in many areas of those technical things that my dad used to always do for me!

Much love!

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