Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last day of summer

Today was my last official day of summer. My last lazy, homework free weekend, my last day with out a calendar. Until December, that is :) I really feel like I was just talking about how excited I was for summer and how I knew this would be a great summer; and believe me, it has by far been the best! So many activities, so many adventures, so much fun - big and small that have put together one of the most memorable summers in my 21 (almost 22) years of life :)

It hit me this morning when I realized I still had no school supplies for classes..which start tomorrow - oops. So, I headed over to target to pick up a few notebooks, however they were completely out! UH OH! Well, I shouldn't say completely out - they were out of the 15 cent notebooks and I refuse to buy the expensive ones (there is NO need!). Thankfully Mrs. Almady is much more prepared for these situations than I am - I really should not expect anything less, she IS a mom afterall! :) - and she thankfully had a stash of notebooks for me to take a few from. So with my notebooks labeled, my books organized, and my outfit picked out, I am ready to go for my first day!


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