Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It was cold under that rock...

A few weekends ago with nothing to do and no desire to stay in, but no desire to do the standard dinner out Keith prompted me with a question, and the conversation went a little something like this:

Keith: do you want to go to Lake Geneva for the afternoon?
Me: Sure, how far away is it?
Keith: About an hour from my place.
Me: Really? Where is Lake Geneva?
Me: Yes, and it was very cold. But thankfully, I have someone like you to save me and whisk me off to fabulous places like Lake Geneva....and rome.
Okay, so that's not EXACTLY how the conversation went, but you get the idea (and he DID ask me if I lived under a rock my whole life). However, since I had never been to Lake Geneva, this gave us more motivation to go up for the afternoon! And let me tell you - I am so thankful for my prince to have come and rescued me from beneath that rock; because I had a great time!

We walked around, looked in little shops, had some dinner (at a bar restaurant where there were more families than high chairs -- literally), walked along the beach and simply enjoyed the beauty of the area!

[aww how cute - another keeper for the scrapbook!]

It was a simple activity that made me smile and reminded me of how good I have it!

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